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At the turn of the twentieth century, the common cold virus became self-aware, intelligent, on par with the human race. Catching the yearly cold, in truth, was the season of birth and rebirth of the parasitic throng.

Within a generation, it mutated to what we now know, and had fully ceased to destroy its host, as a matter of survival. Best was its collective plan, that it use these vessels of human flesh to propagate and perpetuate their species.

These human mobile homes not only provided a window to the world, but served, though unwittingly, as warm partners in their sinister plot.

The cold goal has been to thoroughly possess the human race. The col

d’s enemy was will, its arch-enemy, freedom. Conquering most of the world was easy, where communism and despotism had already beaten the heart of man.

America is the final subject of cold dominance, as She has presented a continuing challenge by Her inherent recognition of liberty. But America IS ill, she has the cold.

This is the real cold war. Spread the word. ~tdv