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:}) Pick me! Pick me! Look at my pearly whites!

:[ What about him? Check out his perfect hair.

:}) Pick me! Pick me! I’m good on TV, I’m a wonderful sight!

:[ I heard him on the radio. There he has flair.

:}) Pick me! Pick me! My speech is like song!

:[ Yeah, but he sounds just like my dear old Grandpa.

:}) Pick me! Pick me! With this great suit I can’t be wrong.

:[ Okay, he’s pudgy, and his clothes are blah.

:}) Pick me! You’ll see! I’ll make it all better, I’m a go-getter, and there will be no more pain if you’ll only Pick Me!

:[ But wait! He’s great! He goes fishin, and I like fishin, and I heard was smart and talked of a tax rate.

:}) Pick Me! Not Him! He’ll kill your grandmother, and starve every other. He’ll make your children grim.

:}) Pick Me! Not He! He’ll end education, and stop earth’s rotation. I heard that once upon a time that he was with a she.

:[ I guess that’s it. You have great wit! I understand what you say, and I’ll vote for you that day. Besides that I see, in movies and TV, in music and magazine, at school and party, they all agree, that you’re the best for me.