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What is the question, now that truth is no longer in question?

At once, all men evolved to understand the combined knowledge of all mankind. All truths, and the wholeness of those truths, became accessible in an instant, and with little more effort than a nod. If ever it were published or witnessed, it was known.

But man maintained his identity, the property of himself, and only by will would he give of his private mind and state. And the child, his innocence was kept until adulthood, where he joined the knowing in nature’s new rite of passage.

Worldwide chaos and perceived psychosis were the initial reactions to these new powers of the mind. Quickly in the emotional train came euphoria and fear, gratitude and regret, relief, surprise, and anger.

Anger inspired inevitable and violent action, as the deed truths of evil men materialized. People at every level of society, and in every society, banded and armed to serve justice on the worse examples of humanity, or better said, the inhuman. All manner of filth was cleansed from this planet in those days, until the evil banded and fortified. It continues.

Despotic regimes across the world were toppled by their peoples as the truths of liberty were revealed. Even so-called free nations were not immune to the political upheaval. Vast majorities of elected and other public officials either resigned or were recalled by the people, and entire agencies were made obsolete.

American government, multitudes of government, came to be redefined by their original and only true purpose, defenders of life, liberty, and property.

Commerce underwent profound structural change. Educational and informational products and services became moot overnight. Entertainment industries driven by propaganda and false agendas were wiped out by an intelligent market.

Much of the business world transformed, in reality, into sellers of time. People knew how to make everything, but didn’t necessarily have the time or interest or wherewithal in doing so. Buying product became buying time.

Institutions of learning morphed into institutions of reason and logic. Unlimited knowledge needed the wisdom to tolerate it.

Long-held profundities were reduced to clichés, platitudes.

Now, we have begun, as knowledge does not equal wisdom or paradise, and evil still exists, and liberty must continue at cost.

There remain many mysteries, many obstacles, and man continues his quest.

God has yet to reveal His purpose in this evolution.