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You are not entitled, you have no right or claim, to the property of others, in any form, for any cause, lest by contract of barter. Expectation of sustenance in the absence of reciprocal value is immoral, it is arrogant covetousness, and it is presumed theft. Only a child is forgiven this.

Reliance on government is just such a corruption, worse, as government must first plunder the property of your neighbor by the force of law before providing for you.

You trade your own liberty for every craving the government fulfills, and pilfer the liberty of another when you collect. Truly, reliance on government, apart from its charter of securing liberty, is the antithesis of liberty.

If it be the rareness that some service-in-kind cannot be provided in exchange for your provisions, then humble must be the request, and gratitude the proper response. And if it be little you have to offer, then offer it proudly, as your contribution will reward your conscience and give you honor.

The dignity that is inherent in self-sufficiency and independence is immeasurable. One need only look to the resounding success of the American experiment for evidence.

What is it, after all, that makes a man of sloth, like you, and drawn to the slavery of dependence? How does one conclude that existence as a parasite is superior to the fullness of liberty? And what sort of man influences another to a duty of indolence? What hell it is to travel life without purpose, and what evil it is to promote this hell for your fellow man.

Take expedition to your soul, extract the man, and throw off the prophet of want!