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Ever growing search for understanding, ever confirming ignorance, will ever overwhelm, even overpower your mind, even heavy your heart. Take notice these potent evers, that you keep humble hold knowing the limits on your knowings, and the knowings of others.

Do not let the evers and evens of this reality dispirit the quest, though, as it is a noble, even necessary thing, enriching and defining humanness itself.

While the fleetings of attentiveness and leakings of data persist, the whole of a man mature, yeah, increasing your power over and of you, bettering expressions.

Truth, bent by time, to and from truth, merely the empirical is and was, is the ultimate object of your pursuits. Expect the consumption of an enormity will only acquire an atom of truth, and you shall have some contentment.

Always remember the relativity of truth in the environment of men, and consider the motive of truth’s deliverer, trusting first the atoms of your soul, given you at once by God, and grown by you with wisdom.