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Just thinkin bout how lucky I am, having been blessed with the finest daughters a Dad could ask for. (They’re gonna read this and ask for somethin-I’m keepin my mouth shut:) Are they perfect? Duh. But I’ll take their flaws, over the good and bad combined of any kid on earth.

Can’t take the credit, especially with the oldest, but somehow my girls have managed to mold themselves into decent people, despite the Dad they got, and irregardless of the culture presented to them . Each girl is distinct and beautiful and original and naturally good.

Sometimes I wonder what all happened, I mean, it’s like I wake up and another chunk of life is gone, and there I meet a slightly new version of my girls, and it’s always an improvement, it’s ever an upgrade that I am proud to see. And to think of their humble beginnings, I am truly amazed at the character they’ve built for themselves to live on.

The eldest is one of the most dedicated people I’ve known in my life. Worked herself through college under truly trying conditions and environments and came out on the other end with a great career, a home of her own (no thanks to uncle sam’s nose-pokin), and she now has a beautiful new daughter of her own, who I pray I’ll have the privilege to spoil,… I mean,… know, even tho we are miles and hours apart. Beautiful, smart, creative, very funny, and a heart as big as a head, and her daughter, my new granddaughter, is fortunate to have my oldest daughter as a mother. Got it?

The middle one is the most wonderful instance of survival imaginable. I simply cannot look at her and doubt the providence of God. She took ill as a very little, little-bit, no way to overstate it, and has since faced down unbelievable trials and dangers (we love you M’s from IA in CO, and we love you ? in ?). Now, healthy and of course beautiful, her smile is magnetic and butters the soul, she is compassionate to a fault, and smart like her sissies. She’s not only a gift to me and Mom, but to the world, who is beginning to see. As Miss S. White draws the critters of the forest to her aura, so my daughter draws humanity to her heart.

And the younger, not at all least, daughter. I have to mention her beauty, as I don’t think I’ve mentioned how beautiful my daughters are, so there, I said it. Thinking of this daughter, my mind turns to her incredible patience and tolerance, her cool and dry humor and wit, her laid back walk thru life, and mostly, an originality that makes original wish it were different. (read that twice, didn’t ya)

All told, all the girls, what a wondrous set they are, I am so proud and rewarded to be called Dad, I love them dearly. They will all have a profound effect on earth while here, I know, because they already have.