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End of Man Drawing

It's been confirmed, man's at his end.

Dateline February 2012.

Experts are in consensus now that this drawing is the real deal. They are warning the public not to let the childlike artwork fool them, as this is a very serious matter, and should be “taken seriously”, according to the experts.

“What it clearly shows is that this drawing depicts the coming end of man”, says one source close to the experts who prefers to remain anonymous, “They’ve looked upon it with great scrutiny, and the signs are there.”

So there you have it. It’s over. It’s done. There is no turning back, now that we’ve gazed upon this amazing discovery. The symbolism is undeniable, and if you look closely, you will even see that the signatories have done their will.

“It’s all connected, isn’t it”, was the shaky quote from another expert.

The drawing was unearthed recently, and the professionals concur that it must be as old as this day was, making the revelation even more urgent.

The authorities implore you, before it’s too late, to visit http://EndOfManDrawing.com for last minute instructions.

All we can say here at SubConch is hey, you had your chance, and we’re getting ready.