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I have to ask, if the United States of America is the grand melting pot of the world, then why is it that we can’t make soup? Are we ever going to stop subdividing our society into special groups? Is favoritism for those groups in American government EVER going to end? Stop yelling, I’m not talking about people who are physically or mentally totaled, or wounded servicemen or the like. I AM talking about all the rest.

I mean, there are so many favored sub-Americans that if we put them all together, I’d guess they would comprise the majority of American society, and in this context, make them… American… minus the sub. Hmmm. That would leave only one sub-American group, them being the minority that was not a sub-group to start with.

Is an American citizen not an American citizen? Are equal rights not equal rights? Isn’t this stuff fixed already? Isn’t our President black? Have you lately seen the racial and gender makeup of our government, military, and every other institution? Why do we need ANY subdivisions of favored or protected groups in this country anymore. American is American. Simple. We’ve been through it, it’s done.

There’s a lot of real smart folks continually debating and lobbying and getting in to the intellectual weeds about which American ethnicity or gender or sexual deviant or income class or product or union or business model or party or city or fill-in-the-blank should receive some special privileges or favors or property or cash or fill-in-the-blank, from everybody else in society.

Well, I’m not that smart, but if government, and law, favors one, aren’t they dis-favoring another? Doesn’t reason dictate that this mentality simply shifts the favors from sub-American to sub-American?

It’s all in the interest of fairness, you know, but I guarantee folks are making some killer money off this stuff. And where’s that money coming from? Well, sub-Americans of course, as combined they make the majority, I guess.

I know this is simplistic and somewhat ridiculous, but surely you get the point.

How about we just stop all of it. How about we just call it even? I wonder how much money it costs the whole of society to maintain and enforce all the laws and rules that apply to all these sub-Americans? I wonder how much real cash goes from one sub-American’s pocket into the pocket of another sub-American?

How about every sub-American give up their special treatment willingly, knowing that they just give it back to another sub-American anyway, then we could repeal a crapload of useless laws and regulations, clear the courts of multitudinous useless lawsuits, save society a treasure island, fire a bunch of busybody thought managers, pulling them off the backs of honest businessmen, growing the economy, and saving the world. (or not the last one)

…By the way, I’m a middle-income, middle-aged, middle-sized, less-than-attractive caucasian male, with a job and bills, supporting a family month-to-month. Can somebody do me a favor? I think I’m a minority, and may be going extinct.