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Note: These quotes are All Original, piles of my pile of think.
Caution! May cause paralysis or debilitating fungal growth.

“Regret is a mechanism of survival.” ~tdv (@subconch)

“We firmly believe what we believe… until somebody convinces us otherwise.” ~tdv (@subconch)

“Work can suck, til it’s done, or til you get paid. That’s just two rewards.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Dad!!! No!!! You’re gonna do another thought!!! (@subconch)

“When faced with a female inquiring as to your favorable opinion on the manner of her attire, it is ill-advised to respond with “I guess”.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Congratulations! Gov’t runs the rest of your life, too ~tdv (@subconch): 50-Cent Stamp

“We only have but a life’s limit of destinies of will to explore.” ~tdv (@subconch)

“Freedom aint easy. Liberty aint lazy.” ~tdv (@subconch)

“We were free to speak, but our souls were washed to silence, comforted to amnesia. O’polit persuade our identity away.” ~tdv (@subconch)

“IF eyes are the Window To The Soul THEN ears are the channel to wisdom.” ~tdv (@subconch)

“Soul universe, illusive illusions, subtiny reflections living sphere, but a life’s limit of destinies to explore.” ~tdv (i know…) (@subconch)