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America is free will, the natural inclination of her people, of every people. America as a man, is a man. is man.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Upon seeing how the other half lives, I’ve decided I don’t want to live there.” ~tdv (@subconch)

hey! who’s going after the maroon vote? What about the maroon people, huh? ~tdv (@subconch)

Obama for America” “African Americans for Obama” What For? ~tdv (@subconchhttp://www.prisonplanet.com/obama-plays-race-card-calls-on-churches-to-support-campaign.html

If I had a dime for every dollar the gov’t spent wisely, I’d be in debt. Wait… I … never mind.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Obama FOR America”?… Whew, I guess that clears things up. ~tdv (@subconch)

Might I be the first to admit it… #Twittiot ~tdv (@subconch)
note: I thought I was coining a fad new twitter tag… I was 2nd, didnt think to check… #twittiot