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Such is life, this living living.

Existence is not alone being, as hosts of arrays of multiplicities have endless implications and creative powers, in, and of, and around the universe of being. Therefore, there is an absence of obscurity in this living living, this impressive thing, for it makes its art among the living.

Love is yet one of those bounties within the utility of living among life. Question not the worthiness of your existence, for if you are not of evil, then you are of good, and if you are loved, truly your mark has branded the hearts and souls of living beyond.

Truth, living living was, it is, ever is, even is in the next, yea is the boundless endowment of our Maker, if thou indulge, and every particle suitable, beneficial, and worthwhile, in the realm of living touched, to be so, and forever sensed.

~tdv, for caw