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Have you ever stopped to think how truly stupid you are! Really, look in the mirror, and you will find the greatest example of idiocy known to man. And if you think ignorance equals stupidity, then I’ve proven my point.

Ignorance is unawareness, unfamiliarity, obliviousness. It is the lack of knowledge… of something specific. Stupidity, like yours, is foolishness, inanity, futility, absurdity. Stupidity is the lack of intelligence, that is, the lack of common sense and the ability to reason. Textbook you.

Ignorance, is textbook all-of-us. Every day, I am reminded of my own ignorance, and if I were to ignore it, or think it nonexistent, or claim I am incapable of it, or attempt to hide it, well, that would not only make me stupid, like you, but it would also make me a liar, like you.

So let me just say that I am not ignorant of the reality of my own ignorance, nor am I ignorant of the true ignorance of everybody else, and with this knowledge of shared ignorance, I will at first strive to become less ignorant than I am, and second I will guard myself against the idiocy of ignored ignorance that is inherent in people like you.

If ignorance is bliss, and ignorance dismissed, then this is remiss, and knowledge is missed… and you’re stupid.

Your idiocy is only useful when you are ignorant of its purpose.

Enlightened, less ignorant. ~tdv