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Wanting chocolate, bar the doors and arm, chair dancing can be dangerous to a butt crack, pots are pans but different, strokes of genius are common, man aint woman, hear me snore, stop… nothing follows?

Playing the game, time better wait, and see through the eyes of child, like that aint like cool, beans proliferate the fart, jokes think they’re funny, bone to pick with a scab, labor works on pushing out the person, of interest is a diversion from truth, hurts to be landing on a rock, solid gas liquefies planetoid atom, bomb to the age of stone, cold fired illusions fry, cook me a fork, you wait till dad gets home, made mistakes and ate them raw, hide behind yourself, stop… nothing follows.

Logic is reason, being for is being from, now on to the indoctrinal news, wire is metalloid string, theory is wanting full, circle of light, weight has heavy name, plate engraved by starving tooth, and nail it down to scientific compulsory proof, positive positively precludes predominant prank, call mom cause I need some new britches, stop… deliberate.

night, ~tdv