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The tellings so, by youth and nature resist, we do. Why? Is it the stupid? Ignernt tellings so rebellings? It’s the deepness, I tell you. Wait, you aren’t listening, good. See? We don’t like the tellings so. I’ll not do the tellings so then, just an offer up, no matter, you aint looking anyhow. Why does it bend the gut so to take the tellings so? Not alone you and me, but all the humans be. Tellings so repellers we, but I’m not telling ye.

Maybe when the little, tis the stupid, the tellings so keep the littles living, inhibits the grown stupid. So sort one of tellings so is good.

A sort two may be the takings of tellings so for the gettings, yeah, still don’t like it, but go along so we can eat and buy thread and sticks and glowings.

Sort three of the tellings so might be the ones from on high and His Boy, if ye be inclined, ya know, the ten and golden one, but most of those tellings so don’t really need told, do they… or do they… serpent.

Last, sort four, the laws doing the tellings so, more real, the people who write the laws doing the tellings so. This sort four is a curious sort, being how sort three ought to cover, lest you be the snake at sort three, so what do we do about you? So sort four is a goodern, cause of you, but I’m not tellings so. Puzzling, sort four, cause it’s needed, but more so, why so many tellings so, and who be these tellers so that they tell the many with so many?

So, the tellings so, not a bit likeable, but tolerable yet, good for the littles mostly by Their biggles, good by choice of eating, good by slowing down the harm done by you, but call me a little stupid, but I’m telling you so, we could use a million less tellings so wrote by people we don’t know.

Told ya,