You petty, sniveling little worm! This is all your fault, this unraveling and decay of the great American experiment.

You think yourself superior, insulated, entitled, enlightened, better able to decide, but guess what, you don’t know me, you don’t know them, and your actions and your causes and your anti-Americanism and your indolence has direct negative effects on innocent individuals, you know, people. You hurt people, and if you had the honor and dignity to step down from your high horse, step away from your self-importance, then you would realize that the pain you inflict is real.

And let me tell you something else, if you think that your support for the undoing of America will somehow grant you a special place in the hearts of the new dictatorship, then you are sorely mistaken, as when the despots have finished with your current usefulness, you will become a mere turd stuck to their shoe.

And another thing, the Constitution is NOT a worn out, tired old document. ITS A DEAL! You know, a contract. So here it is, the Constitution creates an environment that allows, by sweat and blood of individuals, people, the creation of the greatest country ever on earth, then you come along all high and mighty and filled with wisdom and say “oh, that don’t mean shit, I know better”, and then, in your godly state, you proceed to tear down the very structure of America, take from the backs of the builders, and discard the very thing that Americans died protecting.

Really, if you could find within that thick heart of yours an ounce of decency, and honor, responsibility, and dare I say patriotism, we’d all be better for it… including you. America IS compassion, not you.

Think I’m talking to you? Probably right, then. So why don’t you fix it, stop your disgusting whining, and busy-bodying, and be an American!  Life aint fair, sometimes you don’t get what you want. Sometimes you are wrong, been taught wrong, tricked. Get over it, get on the right side, get on the American side, before there’s no America left to be.

With Love, ~tdv