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If I be consumed by it, let it be so, elsewise be it so, in my absent shell, that my representative rememberers make full account to my love for my daughters and grand. Insist the by, these recallers in my stead, indeed recount my love for my wife, parents, siblings, and givers to my second, for tolerance, molding, identifying, and purity of souls, respectively.

Let these things be the definings of my existence, above all else, as all the elses were mere peripherals. Though my reminderers may summon  various wandering times, and general expressionlessness of the primary, let these distractions return again to firsts.

And on the second, my evokers should clarify with high substance, truth in my respect for liberty, gifted by God by will to all men, and mine undying love for this grand American experiment.

So the recollections be thus, lost in mine own remembrances, yet dutifully elicited by my reminiscers. Lest I forget, and overlook the being that was.