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Remarkable how prevailing, primary emotion tends to override reason amongst various detached emotions. So say I, no why. ~tdv (@subconch)

Interesting how the least qualified liver of life is the very liver of life. ~tdv (@subconch)

Freedom can only be destroyed by Herself, and today, she is not disposed to this recklessness. Do not equate illness with inevitability. ~tdv (@subconch)

I can’t let go of the can! The elec. opener is supposed to hold it, but I just can’t let go. Just can’t trust the machine… ~tdv (@subconch)

Today is then ago since, and tomorrow’s wherefore whilst. ~tdv (@subconch)

Defer to the wisdom of a child… or… nothing like a good fart joke… ~tdv (@subconch)

I’m not as think as you smart I am. ~tdv (@subconch)

Dogs don’t have foreheads, I tell ya! (@subconch)

How can you say that you know what I’m doing, when I don’t even know wherewith I am going? ~tdv (@subconch)

The American People don’t need progressives to make progress. Freedom from you is all we need. ~tdv (@subconch)

A vote is but a means, to a means, to an end. The end is but a refuge for Liberty. ~tdv (@subconch)