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Inciting class warfare exposes the true and only conflict… that between the ruling class and the people class. Gov’t vs peasant. ~tdv (@subconch)

People like the box. That’s why we’re in it. ~tdv (@subconch)

I had a friend called Liberty, at once a companion of many, now, by Her passing, a few but mourn, a few but knew Her. ~tdv (@subconch)

Apologies?? When will the statists apologize for the mass plunder of American wealth in the name of power? ~tdv (@subconch)

Consider first the man his equal liberty, next his activity, then his vicinity, at last his virtue. ~tdv (@subconch)

I challenge you to Do Anything that’s Untouched by the Great hand of Gov’t. Note: Playing with a stick don’t count. This what you want? ~tdv (@subconch)

Uncomfortable truths are never alone. ~tdv (@subconch)