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Affordable Care Act my Ass!  F’in commie liar bastards! Affordable to whom?! My health premium has risen about 40% 32.15% (update 06.03.2012) since that turkey ObamaCare passed, bringing my total out-of-pocket healthcare per month to an amount greater than my mortgage + power + car payment + gas + phone + a couple weeks or so of food on the table for my family. Think about that! I could support another family with that cash. Think what I could do for my kids’ futures. Oh, and I WORK for it, to the bone!

Add to that, these statists are tweaking the screws and micro-managing a system that saved my daughter’s back side more times than I can count. If she had been born into the system they want, she would not be here now, guaranteed. Some bean counter would have got her for sure, or the wait would have killed her.

Yeah, double the projected cost to taxpayers, so far (this got me started), but who knows how many times over, or in how many ways this behemoth will have a negative effect on individuals, and on the best healthcare system in the world.

I don’t mind paying for my family’s healthcare, and the cards dealt me make it more expensive than most, fine. Happy to do it. But Obama and his minions took my full house and left me with a seven high, when I’m all in, and no clue how and when the next hand gets dealt.

Why can’t these people just leave us alone? Oh, I forgot, they represent YOU… never mind.

~ tdv