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Time for the place for the time. Let me settle there, and age a day. Place me the time for it, as I’d rather not the move, set me. Still, too still for cricket still, every be the sleeper. Air moving, but moving not, rippleless. Grey nil but yet the bask so unspoiled hue, no whiff nor waft, just steady please, and don’t forget time. Water, yeah, water, no dents, no craft, just water, the greened and browned edge some, a rock, and me amidst. Take a critter or two, only for eyes, go on and grant my deafness on will.

Both naught and full, all with none, place be the time the place, and me, not the sit nor posture, just in there, on it, withinless, placed, put, wasn’t, aren’t, never will, least not this place for the time.