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Everybody’s a Writer… not even me.” ~tdv (@subconch)

All creations, of mind, by soul, of heart, by hand, are for malicious destructive, for watchful sanctuary, for wise utility.” ~tdv (@subconch)

If you awoke, and no time elapsed, would you have ever slept?” ~tdv (@subconch)

Suffrage of conscience, indeed of confidence, assumes and requires comprehension of both.” ~tdv (@subconch)

With every new person I follow (on twitter), I am assured that America is not dead.” ~tdv (@subconch)

So the same ilk, interpreters by invented intent, also invent intentions open to interpretation? Or are these interpretables an intended diversion from the invented intent? ~tdv (comment at proteinwisdom.com) RE: Originalism and Law

The destiny of the archaic knows its own will, and the novelty o’ America thru holds still.” ~tdv (@subconch)

It is only the was or weren’t till it is or aint, when it is was again or never been.” ~tdv (@subconch)

What the gov’t sells us is never what we bought.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Shhh! Don’t tell the left, but I know the secret to their success in Nov.2012…”ShutUp and Stop Doing Stuff”… it’s a no-brainer…” ~tdv (@subconch)

IF truth be relative, THEN choose your family wisely, ELSE orphan yourself without.” ~tdv (@subconch)