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Who said truth had a problem? Well,

Truth doesn’t have a problem, truth just is, that’s all. People have a problem with truth. Nothing against people, except you, but people lie, with malice, for increase, people are  wrong, out of ignorance, by stupidity, for vanity, or from deception, see: magic, and liar.

If you are a person, and you don’t want to have a problem with truth, then by experience know it, and if by people, doubt it, until by them truth is experience.

So here, truth being what it is, experienced, past, present, basis for future, which is not yet truth.

What of faith? Trust in truth by people, to be determined by experience, still then to be determined. Faith in God, truth you own.

Now, absent your experience by me, thereby having no reasonable faith in me, go figure it out for yourself.

Trust me, ~tdv