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To the world, you are a dot, no matter your station. To your family, to God, you are the world, whatever your post. Your world, being touched by family and the hand of God, is conceived of, and constructed by you, grain by moment by stone by hour by boulder by day by mount…

Trust yourself above any, tis survival kid, instinct is God’s making, it mustn’t be ignored. Happiness is wonder, living joy, but you need earn it’s worth, and this, only after you secure your existence. So first, be, that is, survive, for this is the beginning of all wisdom.

Many great and thoughtful human beings exist with you on earth, but an equal lot are suspect at best, and it is the great misfortune of our species that some are consumed by their evils, having no respect for the lives or liberties of others, like you, and a favored tool of wicked people is deceit, for they lure to trust before making their use. This is reality, kid, sad so, and first of all.

Next to your subsistence is the import of your adherence to the common rule of gold, that you would to others as you would others to you, for this is Christly, decent, productive even, and hinged to your continuance.

Do not fear change, but know its motive, and its machine. Even God’s earth alters itself, but never for change’s sake, and it will always remain earth.

Do not shrug learning, for it is joined to joy. Represent your knowings truthfully, and humbly.

Laziness is only a reward for industry, not a replacement for it, yep, unmeasured sloth will eat your soul.

Of society, it is an increase for its members, but effort maintains it so. Be watchful of leaders and representatives that their focus is on the equal security of life, liberty, and property, and be skeptical of any other ends. Likewise, be watchful of the powerless but popular, for their shows may entice to unhealthy designs. This, kid, is a chore, but critical conservation.

This letter is for a preparing, to the extent, and if it be taken at all, then it should be understood not to dampen the full greatness of your God-given life, but to preserve and enhance it.

Happiness is your design, but the paints require your gathering and fusion, brushes shall be whittled and tied by your hand, the canvas made by your weaving will, and your art will finally need shelter from fire and storm.

Live, kid, and be ready to live.