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Let Liberty be the Prism.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Liberty is the American Entitlement.” ~tdv (@subconch)

The Wisdom of Liberty is Expressed by its Reciprocity.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Conservatism preserves Americanism, liberalism reigns it in.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Conservatism is Americanism, for it finds the wisdom of liberty paramount, and the precursor to government.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Liberalism is socialism is government primacy.” ~tdv (@subconch)

What remains when the power of government is removed from liberalism?” ~tdv (@subconch)

America is the most charitable nation on earth, and we gladly and responsibly help our fellow man. So why do liberals insist on force?” ~tdv (@subconch)

Do liberals prefer force to sway because their ideas are unconvincing, or because they are naturally inclined to force their designs?” ~tdv (@subconch)

Ever notice how liberal causes always have, or seek to have, the force of government behind them?” ~tdv (@subconch)

Americanism will not be managed.” ~tdv (@subconch)

The State, the state, assertive omnipotence, insistent omnipresence, assumed omniscience, little god…” ~tdv (@subconch)

Willfully giving up your liberty to gov’t is like volunteering for prison.” ~tdv (@subconch)

2700 pages in PPACA (obamacare). I can say “comply” in 6 characters, and I’m not even a tyrant. hmm” ~tdv (@subconch)

Justice is relative, and a tyrant cannot function alone.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Can somebody please tell me the Truth, so I can ignore it and vote for hair? Wait… skin… yeah skin. No… teeth… I’m for teeth.” ~tdv (@subconch)

A Civil Society is what separates us from food.” ~tdv (@subconch)