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A great many structures we tie ourselves to. They are an easy bind because they are known to be good, and right, and useful, and just, simply a natural lattice, but mind that  these structures, once adorned by our lives, bear the weight of infinite complexity and difficulty in their maintenance.

This is not to be critical of structure, for despite our inherent repulsion to the very word, we are in concert by the common use of structure beneath us. Family, faith, country, a few named, natural adherence, trying endurance, but good and useful structure.

So what of structure in  men, beyond the common, further, beyond known?  Wonder, what form of structure have great men erected for themselves? Or is it so, that the setting of men apart from one another originates from a unique frame at our core, and that greatness is merely the rare discovery of, and the ability to build upon, the structure born of all men, individual as the finger’s print? Could this be an easy yet unknown structural bond that manifests itself in aptitude and creation?

Structure underpins nature, and thereby men, and by extension the creations of men, and it well may be hidden, the individual framework of success and happiness in all men.