I’ve always wanted to write, and subconch.com is me finally getting around to it. This weblog is simply an experimental, organizational, structural, and sharpening tool for a chaotic mind. And aside from the practice in writing itself, on a more philosophical level, I seek to coalesce my understandings of life, family, faith, and country in such ways that gives me a fundamental prism through which to view the world each day.

This is where Twitter is added to the toolbox, providing a perfect place to park the smaller musings, and as well view similarly the thoughts of other decent and patriotic Americans.

It is the basic truths that I aspire to reach and articulate, mainly for my own use, for it is overwhelming the string pullers and the ease of getting strung. In the realm of politics and government, I default to the founding principles of the United States of America for two primary reasons; 1) those principles created an environment where individuals created the greatest country in earth’s history, and 2) I do not presume to be wiser than the founders, ceding the success cited in reason number 1.

In the grand scheme of things, I am nobody, one in 300 million or so. I have no delusions as to my import on the national stage, and by extension, neither should you have any such delusions as to the import of your snide comments on this humble and novice hobby blog.

You see, when you happen across subconch.com, and you are moved to make a counter political statement to the masses, and you are inspired to reveal your superior intelligence and prized learning to the world, and assume that insulting me will be the means to your ends, that is, making you a hero to your radical left-wing socialist anti-American pals, well, you assume too much. Truth is, your insult will likely be seen by only me, and a few others, and it is akin to you walking up to me in a grocery store and calling me a name, which in turn, if you be male, would finish you with a mouthful of fist, thereby broadening your reach only to the store clerk tending to the puddle in the aisle. And when it was all over, you’d still look like an asshole.

If this be you, then piss off! I care not, and neither does anybody else. We get enough of your manner from almost all of television, movies, print, pop music, and academia.

If, on the contrary, you wish to help me hone either my writing or my other fundamentals, or if you have some disconnected observations to share, then I welcome your comments and criticisms. Only age has educated me, so I don’t require the ivy from a friend, nor do I begrudge it.

Thanks for listen’n… or go away… whichever.