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Today is half way between the first and last Friday The 13th this year. Yesterday was 13 days after the 13th Friday this year. I know, right? (@subconch) 2012.04.13

If the U.S. Constitution (1789) is considered outdated, then why not the Communist Manifesto (1848)?” ~tdv (@subconch)

when it is then, it will be you and yours and a few, such as it was then, before the promised them.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Ignorance has a remedy that stupidity ignores.” ~tdv (@subconch)

If ever I were presented with a perfect world, I’d still choose America.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Let us define ourselves, lest we be defined.” ~tdv (@subconch)

A better understanding of who we are will better defend us from what they want us to be.” ~tdv (@subconch)

So who are we? Who should we be? What has become of the American Identity? (@subconch) Return of the American Identity * Of the American Identity ~ a Thread

Entitled to, but obligated to keep, liberty.” ~tdv (@subconch)

I wake, and yearn, as they refuse to be still, but I will catch them the morrow, when they were already there.” ~tdv (@subconch)

So much to learn, so much to do, I want it not, but the job I must do.” ~tdv #citizen #patriot #liberty #posterity (@subconch)

It is so much, the relentless affront to our liberty and identity that is the radical Democrat machine.” ~tdv (@subconch)

Spring is like, new weather, and stuff.” ~tdv #poet (@subconch)

Ya can’t set water on fire, but can you, set fire on water? ~my kid, philosopher. (@subconch)

So Christ, by Grace, Faith, Freedom to know Him. (@subconch)