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Nostrils flared, preceding inversion, receding into the face to form a negative of the former. Flesh stretched , spiraled into the void, dragging festering pores for the ride. How is this beauty? Symmetry delayed, fore of mouth, aft of eye, taste of iron, ogle good, whirlpool liquefies, colors, then bone, halving expressions of joy remain, waiting for discharge at nape. River eye is dammed by toothen crag, lipped globules, unbroken tongue. Joy, eerie pleasants, body perform the silent dance, abstract lava flow about lumbars, gel to tail aback, new flesh and cartilage, writhing purpose, life from life, wearing brains for armor, till neck forget the skull, anew, a new, every feature went the way in its turn, leaving stub, hair scragged, stub, but a new.