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So the literati, begotten of the other before the other, the special ones, and their providers, specials. Such the arrogant towers they inhabit, so wise, enlightened, so much the more, the higher, the tempest. Even God is beneath the lofty intelligentsia, for it is a heritage, to be posterity, ordained of men-gods.

Truly the superior specie, puffed to wealth by existence, by endowments they bestow upon mere mortals at their charge, engorged and gluttonous, fed by thieving hordes of like-minded power peers, fed by the measure of a life’s labor at the point of a guilt, they are the way and light and lone conduit to being their majesty.

Indeed, our charmed elite intellectuals, chins dripping marrow  of societal prey, assure their meal of its brightened morrow, which in turn concurs, despite the tone of its cracking bone, then, the lookers-on are persuaded that the scholar is starving, away wasting.

Scrubbed are the halls of hallowed learning, banished are the bodies of higher wisdom, replaced, erased, no, infected by parasitical propagandists, bent on the consumption of minds, while they remain palatable, and preemptive of their ripe and reasoned sovereign.