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Comfort is the fruit of Liberty’s labor, but as a seed, it bears none. @

What worry would a man have of his legacy, if he presumes there will be no history to name him? @

Doubting the intentions and actions of the powerful is not only sensible, but vital. @

With awareness of an impending American catastrophe, the powerful and corrupt would ensure their spoils before the fall. @

Govt waste, largesse, and the profound disregard for the people can be explained by their knowledge that America is soon to be Over. @

Only after we agree on Who We Are will it be possible to fix what is wrong with us. @ American Identity

The GOP needs to understand that my support for them is NOT absolute, as I only tolerate them in opposition to their tyrannical counterpart. @

shhh… go back to sleep now. it was only an American dream. @

Free speech & free press are mentioned separately, but in the same statement,which implies a shared standard for individuals & institutions? @

I can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater, but MSNBC can incite a race war. Sooo, free speech and free press bear different responsibilities? @

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