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They either know it’s over for them, or they know it’s over for all of us… Democrat growing disregard for people, liberty & property. @

The birthright of your countrymen, this haven for liberty, will suffer its trespass no more. @

Your attempt to take this nature from men, to diminish their freedom, defines your cruel heart. @

If you be of the mind that you may crush the spirit of liberty in men, then you are a fool, for as it may sleep, it is never dead. @

If I seek to be honored, then I know it not, for honor, in truth, is a lonely virtue. @

If you wish to be ruled over, then expect to be overruled, as the voice of your countrymen will remind you of liberty. @

“If I wanted America to fail”

  • I’d say her Constitution sucks, then swear an oath to defend it, so that I could have the power to violate it. @
  • I’d simply redefine it. @
  • I’d rule over it. @

The “tolerant” politician is always the one trying to change and control people who he can’t tolerate. @

Questions for every political candidate: “What is Liberty?” & “What are the greatest threats to our Liberty… in order?” @

I was gonna say “Looking good!” but having no memory of your look from our last meeting, I could say “Looking awful!” with equal integrity. @

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On a scale of one-to-tyranny, we were once the only one. @

If a purist is a constitutional traditionalist, and socialism is the new norm, then call me a radical purist. @

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