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My excellence and expertise are secured by the absence of your expectations. @

There is a natural and chaotic hierarchy among men, it is never static or predestined, and only arrogance sets out to control it. @

Stutopia [stoo.tow.pee.uhh] n. 1. A visionary, politically and socially perfect state, designed for the stupid, by the smart (see: liberal) @

How is educational elitism any different from racism? Do they not both find wholesale inferiority outside their ilk? @

If you wish to be ruled, then submit, but don’t demand that the rest of us cower beside you in frailty. @

Common is the sense that we are common, but what we have in common does not make it so. This is common sense. @

To Democrats, some people are worthy and everybody else is punished. This is tyranny. @

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