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Got sparked a little while ago on the subject of solutions to America’s problems, you know, instead of just complaining about them, and jotted down these ideas off the top of my head. Some I’ve heard, can’t say where, some I don’t recall hearing, but they may be out there.

You might guess that I’m of the opinion that government largesse and intrusion and corruption is much of the problem, and that’d make you sharp as a tack. If you are new to this sort of thing, consider that everything government has, it first took from the people, or has yet to take from the people. Also note that gov’t IS necessary, but only to the extent summarized in the Declaration, and spelled out in the Constitution. We had a deal.

Anyway, here they are, from a common sense, unedumacated perspective:
updated: 2012.05.11 07:00pm est

  1. How about a 10% flat tax, everybody pays regardless of station? 10%’s good enough for God, it oughta be good enough for gov’t. @
  2. How about a gov’t budget that only spends last year’s receipts? @
  3. How about privatizing every entitlement program? All voluntary! Charity is charity, gov’t is gov’t. See? @
  4. How about quantitative legislation? That is, law specifically measured against loss of liberty and property. @
  5. How about a per capita regulatory limit? Want to make a new law, repeal an old one. @
  6. How about a moratorium on new law, contingent on the reduction of current law by, say, 25%? @
  7. How about a per capita limit on the number of gov’t bureaucrats? @
  8. How about a sunset provision on every law and regulation? Mandated revisits. @
  9. How about every legislation be required in its text to explain its Constitutionality? @
  10. How about voter registration requirements that equal drivers license requirements? Prove identity, take a test. @
  11. How about mandatory recall/impeachment/firing of every civil servant who works against the Constitution, which they vow to protect? @
  12. How about we ban all favoritism by gov’t, whether it be race, gender, business, religion, sexual deviance, or whatever? Equality in law. @
  13. How about we kill those who are trying to kill us? Period. Let the military do its job. @
  14. How about we abolish some  Executive Departments, take your pick, like ED HHS HUD and all unaccountable Czars h/t @blove65
  15. How ‘bout we ban lawyers from making laws? @

Note: the “@” links take you to each item on twitter, if you care to reply there. List is dynamic. Please feel free to comment/add.