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It’s like T.J. and his pals gave us a cruise ship, then we furnished it, and now progressives want an even trade for a canoe. @

My kid got 100 on her science test today. Guess I’ll be retiring early. @

Take what you know, multiply it by what you don’t know, and the product might be one evil son of a bitch. @

Think’n bout all the think’n that’s already been thunk, and without recollect’n all the think’n needs rethunk. Ya think? @

I hear you. The world hears you. And the people who are knocking this country down will hear all of us soon! @

The opposite of a patriot is a turncoat, and contrary to proud support is radical transformation. @

I guess “a long train of abuses” don’t matter much when you’re on the train, or rather you don’t see the train coming. @

I was gonna say “we can’t possibly be that stupid”, but then I said that in ’08… Hell, I’m a freakin’ prophet! @

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