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If you are so inclined, please pray… He will know why. Thanks.

I can control a thousand random outcomes in each of the daily lives of 300 million individuals. Who am I? (hint: I’m expensive) @

Ours is not a revolution… but a quelling of one. @

Liberty is never having to say you are free. @

I think it’s becoming Popular again to be fundamentally American. So Go and be COOL! @

Every once in a while, we are forced to identify ourselves, to define our hearts, and align. Now is good. @

Politics, it’s basically turd sales, varying lump sizes, & we always get more than we bought, & it costs us more than we thought… flush @

If you hate your country, and see progress as undoing Her founding principles, then maybe you should move. Progressives,  Occupy movement: We’re not listening! @

We know that our founding principles work… because they already have. Sell your scheme somewhere else. @

Note: The preceding random musings are mine. ~tdv (@subconch) The @ symbols take you to the specific quotes on twitter if you care to RT, Favorite, or Reply.