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How did we live, before we couldn’t live without? @

It’s prejudice to judge people based on race, but you vote (judge) based on this criteria, so you are either a bigot, or just an idiot. @

Liberalism is a magician, as it persuades the embrace of known deception, or with a child, creates a fanciful and impossible reality. @

Being a lame duck is liberating when you don’t have a conscience. @

Is it a platitude if it goes without saying? @

Liberalism is a relentless assault on peace, as it endangers the refuge of liberty, and disrupts the tranquility in a free way of life. @

Has Barack Obama ever ruled like he expected a second term? @

Could the 2012 elections be just another distraction? Think on it. @

How ‘bout we ban lawyers from making laws? @

If I were you, I’d report me @

New perspective never grows old, and is never expected. @

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