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Progressivism is the original identity theft. @

You cannot block yourself on twitter, because the obvious result would be your never existing, so twitter reserves this arbitray power. @

If time were real, you would have read this a minute ago, right before I wrote it, when then wasn’t when, of course. @

U.S. National Debt $15,722,722,773,023 ~ Debt Per Taxpayer $138,416 ~ Thanks Progressives, Obama. @ 2012.05.14

I wonder, when we are finished trashing our Constitution, if any other free minded country will go dumpster-diving… @

There is Constitutional Conservatism, and then there is, by whatever name, everything else. @

Those who can be trusted with power, seek it not for its sake, and keep it reluctantly. @

If it will bite the hand that feeds it, then it will bite the hand that needs it. @

How much Power did Six Trillion Dollars buy for you, President Obama? @

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