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The Constitution is nothing ~ without our commitment to it. @

#PelosiStreetNames: We’ll.Find.Out.What.Street.We’re.On.When.We’re.On.It Street @ ~ #ObamaIndianNames: CommieHawk @#obamasuperheronames: PlunderDog @ ~ CrappedOn America @

Our specific powers, extorted thru generations, by threat of the string pullers’ arms, but they left the mirage intact, so as to feed on us. @

Amendment I : “…right of the people ~Peaceably~ to assemble…” & OWS needs its ass kicked! @

We the ‘least prone to exercise our authority’ people, are overdue for some much needed exercise. @

How ’bout we trade politics for the ‘Phone Book Method‘ ? Random 537, test IQ, then cage match, winner & runner-up are Prez. & VP. @

If you are afraid to face the reality of liberty, then your soul has been washed by the tyrant, and you are enslaved. @

Is it Simple Fear that has driven the mass generational exodus from liberty? @

I suspect that we who (reluctantly) give him [Mitt] power will stay on him when it comes to the priorities of the ax he must wield. @

Like it or not, Liberty is Your Responsibility… or it’s not liberty at all, is it? @

Sacrifice is a beautiful product of will. @

Consider the complexity of your own living, then 300 million livings, then empower the gov’t god-men to control it all. @

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