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If our grandkids are still permitted by law to be pissed, they’re gonna be pissed. @

How did we go from ‘disgraceful’ wiretapping calls with Arabs, to the acceptability of unmanned (armed?) spy drones watching US citizens? @

Some rightly say “it’s the economy stupid”, but I say that the failing economy is merely a symptom of a much greater disease: marxism @

When biz’s cave to “Color Of Change” & run from ALEC, it tells me how they view their customer base. @

Bad enough we have gov’t harassing us, but we gotta deal with their low life minion shake-downers like ColorOfChange too. @

American government is not America, WE are. At least that’s how it was before the people in govt got such high opinions of themselves. @

Some people should live forever, and some people should never have lived, and we’ll know them both, after they have lived. @

To progressives, “tradition” is an expletive, and a myth, unless they started it, tomorrow. @

Whoever coined “Nothing lasts forever” must’ve been a progressive… and an atheist. Maybe it was wishful thinking on their part? @

Dependence Day #MoviesWithObama (i cant be the first to throw this one out there) @

To each their own… unless it’s mine. @

Our government has piled up enough DEBT to buy a country. How does it feel to be owned? @

Wonder what percentage of GDP is spent on limiting GDP ? @

Dad said: Work hard no matter the job. Never back down from a fight. Never hit a girl. Despise liars, cheats, & thieves. @

Again, just my gut, obama2012 re-election is an expendable distraction. They think in generational terms, and are focused on the finishing. @

Step up, not on, kid, and step not aside @

What happens when this PSYCHO Samir Shabazz hurts somebody? This okay with Obama2012 Justice Dept.? SICK!@

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