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Tradition might be a tired old hat, but it only got worn by being worn. @

Progressivism is Baseline Budgeting of Liberty, assuming a yearly loss of freedom is the norm, & the basis of future increases of tyranny. @

The double standard of the media is the single standard of the left. @

God Bless America: by Martina McBride:

If Obama’sreal worldis one of marxist utopian literati & radical revolutionaries, then we’re all in another F’n universe. @

I think I know why, but why can’t I find any good way-back American history on TV? @

Hey @HistoryChannel @Discovery & Affiliates, how about some AMERICAN history programming, like, say, pre-progressive era, or even Founding? @

Government is a confiscatory shadow, and a bright light of charity. It is no accident that citizens are in the dark. @

Besides the contempt for Constitutional government, Mr. President, what is the greatest threat to our individual liberty?  #WHChat @

My kids say all I talk about is liberty, well, turdman farted a booger, and set it free. Better? @

AmerAbia:  @  “Allahu Akbar… Arabic Now Mandatory In NY Public Elementary School” gatewaypundit

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