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They lie, or they are wrong, or they lie because they were wrong. Why don’t you bother to check? Or does it matter? @ 05.31.2012
I wonder, is there any limit to the devotion we have to all those wonderfully popular people? @ 05.31.2012
It’s painful to learn that someone you adore is really an a$$hole, but is it not usually self-inflicted pain? @ 05.31.2012
Popularity should not precede trust, or assume dissimilar competence, and if it earns these titles, it should still be checked on. @ 05.31.2012
When we elect a president who is ugly as sin, & utterly unlikable, yet humbly & faithfully executes his Constitutional duty, we’ve arrived. @ 05.31.2012

Obama called Romney to congratulate him… according to SWAT team source. :] @ 05.30.2012
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I have no desire to govern men, which seems a chore, and no want to rule them, which is plain immoral. @ 05.30.2012

Manipulative, institutionalized chaos has swallowed up the beautiful chaos of liberty. @ 05.30.2012
Men are frozen, slaves to the arbitrary complexity of the state. @ 05.30.2012
Most are oblivious to it all, being trained and reared thus, and blissfully wait for the next order of their humanity from the glowing. @ 05.30.2012
Of those who see it, some care not, and others, seeking to know, are drowned by convolution, even if it is their craft. @ 05.30.2012

If you ever needed a reason NOT to be a LIBERAL, this Chris Hayes idiot at msnbc is IT. @ 05.28.2012

Remembering the Fallen, & that Liberty has never been free, & that we owe Them a respect for it. #MemorialDay @ 05.28.2012

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