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Our Standard of Living is illustrative of our Standard of Liberty. When either is defined by government, they are both diminished. @ 06.03.2012

As you sell your soul for a place at the table, how do you know you’ll be invited to sit? @ 06.03.2012

Is it okay to crush the standard of living and liberty for future generations, so long as you are comfortable now? Thief. @ 06.03.2012

If you vote yourself cash from gov’t, that is, cash from your neighbor, doesn’t that make you a thief? @ 06.03.2012

Does loyalty TO the dictator bear fruit as loyalty FROM the dictator? Or does his realized power make you expendable? @ 06.03.2012

Wonder what % of the progressive propaganda machine actually believe what they are selling? @ 06.03.2012

Idiocy is not confined to left wing drones, but it sure seems to prefer their company. @ 06.03.2012

Twitter is like talking amongst yourself. @

In 2009, about 3.1% of American adults were known criminals (probation, parole, jail, or prison) @ 06.01.2012 source
Total Federal Government Civilian Employment, Mar. 2010: 3,007,938 @ 06.01.2012 source
If 3% of U.S. Citizens are known criminals, and 3 million work for the U.S., then on average, 90,000 fed. gov’t employees are criminals. @ 06.01.2012

Voter ID laws ARE economics: prevent progressives from stealing electoral power to ruin our economy @ 05.31.2012
Also, the left (Color of Change et al.) has NO place telling WalMart or any business who they can associate with! This is flat out Un-American.

05.31.2012, by Ben Shapiro
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About: ALEC ~ American Legislative Exchange Council 


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