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Democrats cannot be trusted to present themselves, so they cannot be trusted to represent us. @ 06.07.2012
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Ignorance is by design, and it is the primary appliance for control. @ 06.07.2012

Wealth that progressives took from the U.S. is gone forever, no refunds, and we will have to earn it all over again. Think about that. @ 06.07.2012

If our political rivals can use the law to silence us, then there is no law… or liberty. @ 06.07.2012

Communism & socialism, rejected, then liberalism & progressivism, rejected. What will be the #NextLeftistLabel? Oblivionism? @ Symbioticism? @ 06.06.2012

The Democrats make promises that taxpayers can’t afford, and when the money’s gone, and goodies cut, the parasites get mad at Republicans? @ 06.06.2012

Thanking God, and the professionals in American medicine, for the many lives I love. @ 06.06.2012

Is political science the same as social engineering? just ask’n @ 06.06.2012

Wonder where all the radical libs will go when they are reduced again to a fringe? @ 06.06.2012

Organized thugism will get thuggier still, but as Wisconsin proved today, the people are DONE taking their sh!t. @ 06.05.2012
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Can’t ignore our “progress” in the eyes of communism.  @ 06.04.2012
Short Video~> Grinding America Down posted 07.07.2011 by The Right Scoop

They are tiny bits of time, but time nonetheless, so I’m grateful when someone attends to my words. Thanks for following. @ 06.03.2012

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