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So, there are TWO Constitutions of Magnificence. @ 06.10.2012
I saw you, and I whispered, “I’ve founder”. @ 06.10.2012
…okay, no lady’s man, but the wife wouldn’t appreciate if I was…

A shadow is a silhouette, but a silhouette is not necessarily a shadow. @ 06.10.2012

My Presidentship’s Come In! @ 06.10.2012
ParTaking a Leak… and… It’s Not Raining… @ 06.10.2012

There is so much our gov’t can do… to UNDO so much that our gov’t does! @ 06.09.2012

My long experience, living with a few of our wonderful female variety, has brought me to conclude how best to describe them: CONSUMERS @ 06.09.2012

The divide between us is simple. I believe that society thrives when there is mutual respect for life, liberty, and property. You (progressives) don’t. @ 06.09.2012

Sweet eve for liberty, devoid the bitter tyranny, and carry us on, Thy morrow dawn, that we be Ever free. @ 06.08.2012

I am reminded of how my family has ever been touched by a warm and able hand, the laudable, and genuinely human profession of nursing @ 06.08.2012

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