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Just a random listing of left wing loathings, that is, what is hated by the left (ya know, communists, socialists, liberals, progressives, statists, all the same anti-Americans to me) List is obviously not inclusive… Posted because I feel like it.

Again, wondering, is there ANYTHING progressives LIKE about AMERICA?!?! (except that they rule most of it) @

An aside, if you are the one who reads my blog, and this post runs you off, because maybe you’re sick of my rambling about the death of our country, then, bye. Otherwise, enjoy or fume as appropriate.

The Constitution, Capitalism, Christianity, Military, Tradition, Private Healthcare, Rich People, Thomas Jefferson… @
Doctors, Oil Companies, Marriage, Israel, U.S. Flag, Patriotic Music, Fast Food, SUVs, Meat, People, Tea Parties… @
Pledge of Allegiance, Guns, Banks, ATMs, Insurance Companies, Oil, Coal, Heterosexuals, Competition… @
Logging, Salt, Soda, Drug Companies, Talk Radio, Fat People, Cops, Christmas, Unplanned Babies, Death Penalty… @
Nuclear Power, Oil Drilling, Fracking, Conflicting Free Speech, Lemonade Stands, Stay at Home Moms… @
Paying for School, Paying for Food, Paying for Healthcare, Paying for Contraceptives, Non-Progressives… @
Immigration Law, Right-to-Work States, States, Fat, Identification, Fox News, Prayer, American Exceptionalism… @
Exhaled Breath, Ten Commandments, Ronald Reagan, Interrogating Terrorists, America, Winners. @

Oh yeah, I’d guess the left don’t like you very much either… and they call us haters.

Want citations? Watch TV or a movie, listen to music or a Democrat, go to school or abroad, read a paper or magazine.

Update 01.12.13: Added share image, twitter hashtag #ThingsLiberalsHate 


Note: The preceding random musings are mine. ~tdv (@subconch) The @ symbols take you to the specific quotes on twitter if you care to RT, Favorite, or Reply.