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I’ll take my random over your arbitrary any day! liberty is greater than _____. @ 06.16.2012

The whole of a man is never what we see, and what we’ve seen is bad enough. @ 06.15.2012

Is Obama acting like someone who WANTS to get elected? 800k il’legals’, energy, marriage… presidency will be gone, but not what it did. @ 06.15.2012

It’s Tax Day, for us who manually pay. *CRINGE* If everybody who pays Had to cut a check, gov’t spending would be held to account. @ 06.15.2012

Even IF the economy were booming, the Obama dictatorship should still be STOPPED! No Constitution = No America @ 06.15.2012

If Obama were any more arrogant, he’d pop. @ 06.15.2012

Bypass Congress, Legalize 800k Illegals, Campaign to Latinos, Be POTUS… simple @ 06.15.2012
Ref: Occupy Open Borders: Obama delivers 800,000 more illegal alien deportation waivers by Michelle Malkin 06.15.2012
Related: Krauthammer: New Obama immigration policy ‘out-and-out lawlessness’  [VIDEO] piece by Jeff Poor 06.15.2012

@seanhannity just asked @BillCunninghamS “what has this country come to?” his answer “Barack Hussein Obama…” // So it has, & it says a lot! @ 06.14.2012
~they were talking about New York’s war on food & simultaneous want to legalize marijuana.

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