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Whatever ran Liberty off, surely it is our ignorance and fear that keeps us from welcoming her home. @ 06.20.2012

An interesting stat I discovered (tho I expect mine not the 1st notice) about the makeup of the Constitution of the United States, regarding the prioritization of the separate powers of the federal government.
U.S. Constitution@ 06.20.2012
*ARTICLE I ~ Legislative Branch ~ 2268 words 61.8% ~ 13134 chars. 61.8%
*ARTICLE II ~ Executive Branch ~ 1025 words 27.9% ~ 5872 chars. 27.6%
*ARTICLE III ~ Judicial Branch ~ 377 words 10.3% ~ 2261 chars. 10.6%
Summary@ 06.20.2012
Of Articles I II & III of the US Constitution, the text is divided: 62% re Legislative, 28% re Executive, and 10% re Judicial, respectively.

Reigning in the Green Exec. Tyranny? @ 06.20.2012
Ref: Two Cheers for House Energy Bill by Nicolas Loris 06.19.12

Rule of ObamaLaw @ 06.20.2012
Ref: A Nation of Paper, Not of Men by Andrew McCarthy 06.18.12
h/t proteinwisdom

Counting U.S. citizens snooped by NSA would be snooping @ 06.20.2012
Ref: Congress Has No Idea What the NSA Is Doing by Jim Harper 06.19.2012

Fine informative recommended read, Ill be going back for more!
The President’s Enumerated Powers, Rulemaking by Executive Agencies, & Executive Orders. By Publius Huldah 08.30.2011

God’s gonna do the sorting, but it don’t hurt for us to know who’s in line. Hint to progressives: the kids are alright @ 06.19.2012
Ref: Children singing ‘God Bless the USA’ heckled by man screaming ‘burn in hell’ by Ryan Lovelace 06.19.2012

Suspect that if the ENTIRE ‪PPACA‬ is struck down, Obama will implement it anyway. See: ‪amnesty,‬ ‪drilling ban‬ ~BHO’s a Constitutional Rogue! @ 06.19.2012
Insanity: Obama plans to move ahead with remainder of health care law if mandate is struck down by Bluegrass Pundit 06.19.2012
Occupy Open Borders: Obama delivers 800,000 more illegal alien deportation waivers by Michelle Malkin 06.15.2012
Judge holds Interior Department in contempt (for ignoring order to lift drilling ban) by Dan Berman 02.02.2011

Being deranged & despicable, for the sake of Being deranged & despicable, at the Behest of the deranged & despicable. @ 06.19.2012
Ref: Occupy Oakland protests in FAVOR of child sex trafficking by Zombie 06.18.2012

~Fun with Hashtags
#MSNBCIn4Words‬ We Contort, You Deride @ 06.19.2012
#MSNBCIn4Words‬ We Distort, Truth Denied @ 06.19.2012
~Re the network editing the Zimmerman 911 audio to make him appear a racist profiler, and editing video of Romney to make him look out of touch. MSNBC is a HACK SHILL for the radical left wing.

Wonder if a reality TV show is in the works for next year highlighting all the out-of-work liberal icons? #HasBeenLibTV‬ @ 06.18.2012

As a reminder of our near destruction, or for pure sport, maybe we should leave one or two token liberals in government this November. @ 06.18.2012

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