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If God wanted us to be sheep, then why didn’t He make wool over our eyes? …and why did He make sheep? @ 06.24.2012

Poor Fat People  “Hilariously… the commonest dietary problem of the “poor” is that they are too fat.” ~jonolan 06.22.2012

If I had a better memory, I’d be one crotchety s.o.b. @ 06.23.2012

i= …it’s a lil’ flag, of the American sort, of course. Tho it could be construed “I equal”, let it then be seen ONLY as in the eye of Law. @ 06.23.2012

Those that just are, merely are, and such that they be, they are not me. @ 06.23.2012

The elephant in the room needs to lose some serious weight, too. @ 06.22.2012

2 bits 4 bits 6 bits the smaller, worth much less but it’s still called a dollar. @ 06.22.2012 re coming QE-3

All I’m gonna say, is that I’m not gonna say it, except to say, that if it goes without say’n, maybe it needn’t be said. @ 06.21.2012

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