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Hey progressives‬, pick your favorite federal law, then imagine Obama on a whim decides NOT to enforce it (his duty). You’d still vote for him, huh. @ 06.26.2012

Government is the criminal’s canvas. @ 06.26.2012

What good is a deal without honor? @ 06.26.2012

The rooftops of hell only echo to the surface of earth. @ 06.26.2012

When I become an expert, I’m not telling anyone. @ 06.26.2012

I have pondered at depth, with continuance, what might return us to “the supreme Law of the Land”. Today, I wonder, why bother? Art.6,cl.2 @ 06.25.2012

So King’O arms Mexican criminals, & refuses to secure territory bordering Mexico, then prohibits said territories’ self-defense? ’bout it? @ 06.25.2012

Would the States conceivably have entered into the Union if the Constitution itself contained the Court’s holding?” ~Justice Scalia dissent @ 06.25.2012
If AZ is powerless to secure its territory, “we should cease referring to it as a sovereign State. I dissent.” ~Justice Scalia @ 06.25.2012
Ref: On dissent in the AZ ruling 06.25.2012

Sure would be nice if we didn’ t have to worry all the time about what those thug politicians are doing to us and our kids. @ 06.25.2012

You can tell me anything, and don’t worry. I’ll only kill you once. @ 06.25.2012

~hashtag fun
#ObamaInTwoWords ‘Running’ Away @ ~ Pied Piper @ 06.24.2012

Is power a zero-sum-game? Ever losing the pot, never the ante. @ 06.24.2012

When Ocoma goes, where will his $5 trillion worth of bought power go? @ 06.24.2012

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