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Our birthright, our duty, is to throw off this despOtism, and DEMAND of our gov’t, and of ourselves, Respect for the Supremacy of Liberty. @ 06.29.2012

Where to turn now, is where Liberty ever turns us. ~WE THE PEOPLE~ @ 06.29.2012

Me: Ah, my B-day is just another day. Mom: No it’s not, I was There. ~ :] :] #perspective @ 06.29.2012

The greatest victims of obamacare will be those who rely on the greatest healthcare professionals in the world. Bet you know one of them. @ 06.29.2012

scotus today effectively made self-sufficiency and self-determination a federal crime. #obamacare #scotus … @ 06.28.2012
Mind your business, choose not to act, and gov’t can hunt you down, and punish you for inaction. @ 06.28.2012
The precedent leaves us no escape. Comply, participate, be the grid. Cede liberty, or lose liberty. @ 06.28.2012

Ultimately, We the People are responsible for the demise of our liberty, and the death of our constitution. #obamacare @ 06.28.2012

The Constitution uses the phrase “the powers” many times, but the phrase “the power” (singular) is Not Found. Why??? Just askin’. @ 06.28.2012

art.1,s.8,c.1: “The Congress shall have Power To…” Why doesn’t it say “THE Power To”??? Just askin’. @ 06.28.2012

art.1,s.8,c.1: “The Congress shall have Power To…” So they are enabled to, but not mandated to? Just askin’. ex: borrowing @ 06.28.2012

The mainstream media has become a situation comedy with dire consequences, as many don’t know that it’s just a TV show. @ 06.27.2012

Rush Limbaugh taught Tony “there’s always two things.” It don’t get no simpler. @ 06.27.2012

Nov. 6, 2012, is Not about the preservation of our republic, it is about the resurrection of it, and only a single new breath will it bring. @ 06.27.2012

A state-of-things sort of summary:
Is the Country Unraveling? by Victor Davis Hanson, 06.25.2012

art.1,s.7,c.3: basically tells Congress, if it acts like a law, then it shall be passed like a law, else it aint a law. @ 06.27.2012

Never understood the “It’s my ____day, and so-and-so didn’t remember, or call, or get me something”… thing. I say forget, & so will I. @ 06.26.2012

You can find perpetuity next to the sweat of your soul. @ 06.26.2012

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